Where do our products come from?     recyclemycell.com

    When large companies or individuals dispose of their gear we buy and handle everything. The most important aspect of recycling is reuse, so all equipment we receive is put through a rigorous reuse evaluation process.

    Equipment that can still benefit other people is refurbished by our team, including any necessary repairs. Items that have reached end-of-life and can’t be reused are completely disassembled and all parts and materials are recycled. Nothing is sent to a landfill.

    The Cell Phones and other Gear we sell is carefully inspected to meet our high reuse standards for proper operation and functionality. Every hard drive that we receive is subjected to the highest standard of data removal using the most advanced techniques, which means you’ll never find old data on your purchase.

    Additionally, our refurbished Gear comes ready for you to hit the ground running. All of this means you’re getting a complete working unit that is having its product life extended at huge savings to you.

    What is our warranty on items we sell?

    We invest a great deal of time and effort into assuring our Customers satisfaction.   However from time to time our customers may find unacceptable product.  Customers may return any purchased item (unless otherwise specified) within 30 days of delivery for any reason. Outside of that time frame we may charge a restocking fee or offer another solutions.

    Customers may return a phone, or tablet for repair, replacement, or refund within 30 days of the purchase date if the unit fails to operate due to hardware malfunction. We cannot be responsible for malfunctions caused by user operation. Included batteries of any kind are not covered by this warranty, but may be returned for replacement if not functioning properly.

    In the event of a return due to malfunction, we will attempt to repair the malfunction; if the malfunction cannot be repaired, we will properly recycle the unit and attempt to replace the unit with one of identical or comparable specifications; if the unit cannot be replaced, we will refund the purchase price.


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